SCTNI First Aid Training provider northern ireland

We work mainly with Qualsafe Awards, one of the largest Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisations in the UK, who have a clear training commitment policy for all our learners which we adopt regardless of whether learners are registered on a Qualsafe Awards qualification.

The training commitment sets out a clear process and expectation from SCTNI Limited and the staff used to facilitate learning and the steps you can take if you have a complaint.

Your Rights

As a learner at a Qualsafe Awards approved training centre you have certain rights; You have the right to:

High-Quality Training

You can expect the highest standards of quality training from suitably qualified trainers, regardless of which training centre you have chosen.

Be treated with respect

You will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration for your dignity, religious and philosophical beliefs.

All staff will treat you politely and pleasantly.

An explanation

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, we encourage you to tell the Trainer. You have the right to a reasonable explanation..

Make a complaint

If the Trainer is unable to resolve the problem, please see the complaints procedure.

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