To maintain the high standard expected from our trainers and courses, we will ensure that trainers use the most current resources and materials available.

  •  All resources and equipment used on courses must be pre-approved; and where applicable, checked for accuracy and validity of the content
  •  Only resources listed on the course specification document may be used on that course.
  •  Any ratios detailed in the course specification document must be adhered to, i.e. Student : Manikin or Student : AED
  •  Electronic resources such as Power Point, and other learning resources may not be altered, resources must be delivered as intended and as approved.
  •  The use of any equipment must be in accordance with the manufactures current guidelines.
  •  All health and safety notices should be drawn to the attention of students and adhered to at all time.
  •  Infection prevention and control in relation manikins and other applicable equipment should always be followed during any course delivery.
  •  Trainers / Instructors will have a breadth and working knowledge of all resources used in the delivery of courses and any associated applicable guides or policies.

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