The training premises used for the delivery of training courses must maintain an environment conducive to learning. Any training facilities used at client sites will be expected to match the standards below as if being delivered within our own premises.

The following must be provided on any premises running courses for, or on behalf of SCTNI Limited.

General Building Facilities

  • Should be clean, tidy and hygienic
  • Separate facilities for male and female students
  • Mats / Blankets for use during practical sessions
  • Safe, well lit, access and egress routes
  • Cater for people with specific needs


  • Adequate ventilation
  • Suitable lighting for reading
  • A “shirt sleeve” environment
  • Adequate space for theory and practical work
  • Free from any distractions such as nuisance noise


  • Should have same requirements as training room, plus
  • Offer privacy to students when being assessed individually
  • Prevent the mixing of students to be assessed, with students who have already been assessed.

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