SCTNI First Aid Training provider northern ireland

Policy Overview

This document sets out our appeals policy and is generally aimed at learners registered on qualifications being delivered by SCTNI Limited

SCTNI always strives for the delivery of high quality and responsible training, however we recognise that problems, disagreement and disputes can occur from time to time.

SCTNI also recognises that feedback to learners who have not met learning outcomes is a difficult and sensitive task, and that a mechanism for challenging decisions of trainers and assessors should be available and transparent should the learner feel the outcome or decision is incorrect or unfair.



1. Seek clarification from the trainer / assessor who provided the outcome.

All appeals should be highlighted with the trainer / assessor at the time of feedback (where possible) so a clear and concise explanation or justification can be provided and an open dialogue between the learner and assessor may explain or justify their decision in more detail to help learners understand why they have arrived at that decision.

2. Submit your appeal in writing within 30 days to SCTNI Limited.

All appeals should be highlighted with the trainer / assessor at the time of feedback (where possible). If you are unable to raise the matter at the time or you remain unhappy with the outcome and feedback provided by the original trainer / assessor after raising the matter initially, you must submit your appeal in writing with a brief outline of your reasons within 30 days.

3. Acknowledgement your appeal within 5 days

We will acknowledge your appeal within 5 days, where you will be advised who is dealing with your appeal, and may request more details or a meeting to assist with our investigation.

4. Investigation and outcome within 15 days

We will then investigate the circumstances of the appeal. You shall be notified in writing as to the outcome of that investigation within 15 working days from the date of acknowledgement.

A detailed record of the investigation will be maintained by SCTNI Limited for regulatory, quality assurance processes and Awarding Organisation requirements.

5. Escalation to Awarding Organisation (AO)

If you remain unhappy with our decision, you will be provided with the contact details of the AO, at the same time we will forward your appeal, our investigation, log and outcomes to the AO for consideration.