The Health & Safety Executive (GB) has released a bulletin announcing that they now recognise Blended Learning as an acceptable method for the delivery of training; we have chosen Skype for Business as our online platform to help us deliver our courses online.

SCTNI have chosen Skype for business to provide our online platform for interactive online delivery to assist with distance learning and blended learning classes. This is different from “Online Learning” Skype for business will be interactive, a real instructor at the other end; opportunities to ask questions, participate in quizzes etc real time, not a video of an instructor talking for a few hours.

We are able to set up online meetings on a 1-1 basis, or with a few more people, it would just be like sitting in a classroom, only you will be in the comfort of your own home – or wherever you wish to be.

Technology has introduced the flexibility now that we are no longer bound by physical locations, having to sit in a classroom that may take you 40 minutes to drive to, then fight with traffic on the way home; SCTNI are able to deliver the greatest portion of theory for a number of courses via Skype for Business, and the practical elements are done in a classroom when they suit you.

It’s as simple as clicking a meeting link that gets emailed to you prior to the sessions, you connect on a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or Computer, and if you have a webcam you have the option to participate via video also.

Your tutor will engage with you, deliver the presentation as if you were sitting in an actual classroom, but also interact with you in ways like online polls and quizzes to ensure you understand what is being delivered.

The sessions are completely interactive and two way, you have every opportunity to stop the tutor and ask questions, get them to explain something you’re not quite sure of, or go over the topic again to clear up anything you didn’t understand.

Have a look at our courses and contact us if you want to schedule a course this way

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