HSENI Approved First Aid at Work (Initial)


Learners on this course will learn the skills, knowledge and acquire confidence with the ability to act as the responsible person or workplace first aider.

This regulated First Aid at Work course is very lucrative for existing and potential employers as it allows them to meet their statutory obligations in relation to the Health and Safety at Work legislation.

Learners will practice a number of simulated incidents and scenarios, and will be provided with constructive feedback in order to help them deal promptly, effectively and safely with workplace first aid emergencies.


  • Becoming a first aider
  • Managing an Incident
  • Assessing a Casualty
  • The Unconcious Casualty
  • Disorders of Breathing
  • Wounds & Circulation
  • Bone, Joint & Muscle Injuries
  • Nervous System Problems
  • Effects of Heat & Cold
  • Foreign Objects
  • Poisions
  • Bites & Stings
  • Medical Problems


This course has two elements of assessment to ensure learners have picked up and understood the required knowledge for the First Aid at Work Certificate; these include:

Formative Assessment to cover:

  • Review questions during sessions
  • practical observation sessions throughout

Summative Assessment to cover:

  • Management of the unconscious casualty (normal breathing)
  • Management of the unconscious Casualty (no normal breathing)
  • Management of an incident dealing with wounds and bleeding.


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