HSENI Approved Emergency First Aid at Work


This HSENI Approved Emergency First Aid at Work course, covers the basic fundamentals of First Aid for smaller office environments that would allow First Aiders to manage an emergency situation until an ambulance arrives.

Providing good quality CPR to buy time until an ambulance arrives could mean the difference between life and death; this course is a must for any employer to encourage their staff to undertake; not only for the skills acquisition, but to ensure they meet their obligations under the Health & Safety at Work legislation.


CourseFirst Response Emergency Care
Course TypeRegulated RQF - Level 3
Awarding OrganisationQualsafe Awards
Guided Learning Hours35 (minimum 5 days)
Certificate Validity3 Years



  • Roel of the First Aider
  • Managing an Incident
  • The Unconcious Casualty
  • CPR
  • Disorders of Breathing
  • Wounds & Circulation
  • Minor Injuries


This course has an element of on-going assessment to ensure learners have picked up and understood the required knowledge for the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate.

As a result, (and with all courses) it is expected that learners participate fully in every practical session during the class until the required standard is met.

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