Proposed De-Regulation of First Aid at Work Training

Proposed De-Regulation of First Aid at Work Training

HSENIThe HSENI, the governing body who regulate the First Aid at Work (FAW) training in Northern Ireland have published a consultation document on proposals to remove their role in the approval and monitoring of Workplace First Aid Training in Northern Ireland.

Well… Were does that leave things…..

Honestly, it was expected, considering that in GB the HSE stopped regulating First Aid at Work from the 1st October 2013 and surely Northern Ireland would certainly follow suit.

In summary, the HSENI are proposing to follow the GB route and will still set the syllabus for the First Aid at Work Training, however they will place the onus on the employers to undertake due diligence on their chosen training provider to ensure that the appropriate quality management systems are in place; however what seems to have happened in practice in GB is the favour of QCF Qualifications over independent training providers – but the HSENI in their consultation document have stated that they do not abdicate QCF or VAS (Voluntary Ambulance Societies – such as Red Cross or St John Ambulance) as a preference…. however Independent Training Providers are going to find it extremely hard to convince employers that their qualification meets the HSE/HSENI requirements.

Read the full consultation document here

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