Other First Aid Certificates

We issue Health and Safety Executive (HSENI) and Non-HSENI regulated course certificates where applicable in respect of First Aid Training.

First Aid at Work (FAW), First Aid at Work Requalification (FAWr) and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certificates are recognised by the HSENI, and are issued under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations (NI) 1982. These certificates are only issued after successful completion of one of the above courses based on the syllabus approved by the HSENI.

Other companies, voluntary agencies and organisations that are registered with the HSENI to run any of the above courses, will issue approved certificates; which will be accepted by us for participation in a FAWr course providing the company or organisation is registered with the HSENI and the certificate is still valid.

Any other certificates issued in respect of First Aid or other related topics are considered non-statutory certificates (with the exception of the HSE whilst the MOU exists and remains between the HSENI and the HSE), and whilst they may be equivalent to any regulated course run by HSENI approved training providers, they will not be accepted as such.