Students will be given a copy of our complaints procedure with the initial class material. Any complaints arising could result from (in general) a poor quality of service provided by or on behalf of us.

We adopt a three stage approach in dealing with complaints:

Stage 1

Complaints should be addressed directly and in an informal manner with the person in which the student or customer has been in contact with. This can be done by letter email or telephone. An initial response will be provided by the person concerned, again in an informal fashion, addressing / justifying any concerns identified.

Stage 2

If the student / customer is not happy with the response received, they will be directed to detail their complaint, clear and concisely in writing to the line manager of the person concerned at stage 1

Stage 3

If the student / customer is still unhappy at the response or explanation provided at stage 2, they will be offered details of the Directors of the company, who will endeavour to provide a response in an efficient timeframe.

The response from the Directors of the company will be the final position. Should the complaint involve one of the Directors, a response will be provided by an alternative Director.