We strive for high quality delivery of our courses and materials. To ensure that we constantly achieve and exceed those expectations, we have compiled a number of our policies and made them available to you in order to provide a best practice reference guide.

The following guidelines are for all courses run by or on our behalf, and any associated resources and materials used in their delivery. The Resuscitation Council UK is clear that any first aid training provider has a duty of care towards the people they train, and could be held liable for any consequential harm suffered by a casualty after being treated by someone we have trained. These guides, policies and procedures are developed with the aim to provide evidence that we have made every effort to meet and exceed its responsibilities and minimise liability and successful litigation.

Opposite you will find links to SCTNI Limited policies and procedures in relation to quality and how we run our business. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Our booking terms and conditions detail the policies we have in relation to payment terms, cancellations and credit (if applicable); or should to re-schedule a course be required. Read the full Policy


HSENI Training, Assessment and Standards Monitoring

We strive to have the highest quality of first aid training within the industry sector in Northern Ireland. In order to achieve this we have put in place a number of measures relating to the FAW suite of courses that we deliver under our HSENI Approval. To read these, click here.

Premises Standards

The training premises used for the delivery of training courses must maintain an environment conducive to learning. Any training facilities used at client sites will be expected to match the same standards laid out as if being delivered within our own premises. To view these click here.

Resource & Equipment Policy

To maintain the high standard expected from our trainers and courses, we will ensure that trainers use the most current resources and materials available.

This means manuals, presentations and materials will be current and reviewed on a regular basis, as well as any equipment such as first aid equipment (manikins or AED’s for example) will be relevant and current.

SCTNI Limited use the most current 2010 Guideline Laerdal Resuscitation Manikins, meaning learners are getting access to learn and practice on relevant and current equipment, and not equipment that is 8-10 years old.

To read more about our resource and equipment policy, click here.

Training Records & Course Administration

SCTNI Limited will hold and retain records for the purposes of administration, and will do so in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

To see what records we hold, click here.

Other First Aid Certificates

We issue Health & Safety Executive (HSENI) and non-HSENI regulated course certificates where applicable in respect of our training. We are also able to issue Awarding Body (AO) certificates where applicable.

To see how we consider and view other first aid certificates, click here.

Feedback Policy

Feedback from students is an important part of Internal Quality Assurance. Our Regulators (HSENI) and other Awarding Organisations (AO’s) require that feedback is sought from candidates on the suite of courses we provide on their behalf.

We provide feedback forms to all our learners, on all our courses, and collate the results to help improve our delivery of courses.

To read more about our feedback policy, click here.

Complaints Policy

All learners will be provided with a link to our complaints procedure with the initial class material. This is to ensure they are aware that we have a complaints process that they can follow, should they feel that they have received a poor quality of service provided by or on behalf of us.

To see more on how we deal with complaints, click here.

Assessments Policy

The assessment process is a very important part of the training process. It is the point at which the trainer or assessor affirms that the student has met or demonstrated competence in the subject they have undertaken.

As we normally issue Competence Based certificates, we are basically verifying that learners are able to successfully demonstrate knowledge and where required, the practical ability to perform physical tasks competently.

To see more on our assessments policy, including what should be expected of our Instructors / Assessors and our policy on reasonable adjustments for competence based first aid assessments, click here.